The Kitchen / Dining Project

I Promised some pictures
I can't take pictures of the whole thing yet because Jennifer would kill me if I let anyone see what our kitchen looks like right now (Disaster area).

So here are a couple of strategically taken shots that leave about 70% of the area to your imagination (hidden).
Once the room is done, then I can take some nice pictures with the furniture all in.   But I'm proud of it right now, so mess or not here's something to look at.

The sign on the door to the deck

I re-stained the wainscoting this weekend (deeper tint, a combination of golden oak & cherry mixed into a Franken-stain concoction ). It doesn't 100% match the 15 year old cupboards, but then nothing will.

There are two coats of poly on the wood, and about 1 coat splattered onto the floor. So I have some clean-up to do over the next couple of days.

Wall plates need to go back on, painters tape needs to come off, a few paint touch-ups where stain leaked underneath the masking tape, laminate floor needs to be cleaned blah, blah, blah.

Definitely in the clean-up stage, and over the course of the week I should be able to re-populate the room.

The lamp is hand made and wooden. You can see how dusty the wallboard repair was (I haven't dusted that high yet). The beam (you can just make it out) is all that was left of the wall that separated the kitchen and dining. I thought it would still be ok in the room, and provide a separation of space.... Actually that's a lie, I thought it would be too much of a pain in the butt to remove since it involves attic work and insulation and a god-awful mess.

If it doesn't work out and I dislike it after a few months, then I'll take it out.

The Pot rack was hand made by a blacksmith just outside the village.  We have an antique green jam cupboard that is supposed to sit underneath.

The walls close up are sponge painted green / yellow / mint.  It looks dark here and yellower than it actually is (no flash at 10PM) so you can see the sponge prints, it's really quite light as you can see in the other pictures.

From about the midpoint of the room.
Deck door is just to the left and the kitchen is behind me

Standing in front of the fridge. 
There's a door to my right, kitchen space is on the left

Middle of the room.  Kitchen space behind me.  The fridge is just on the other side of the doorway on the right.